About Sebuyau

Sebuyau is a small Sarawakian coastal town. It borders Sri Aman and Simunjan in the island of Borneo. Most of its inhabitants are made up of the Malay and the Iban people.

Sebuyau is a state constituency in Sarawak, Malaysia, that has been represented in the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly since 1991. The state constituency was created in the 1987 redistribution and is mandated to return a single member to the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly under the first past the post voting system.

Sebuyau is a district located in between Sri Aman and Simujan that makes this small outskirt as a unique location which is Overview 80.5 km from the capital city of Kuching. Subayau is the home for the ibans and sarawakian malays as well as other small minorities. Geographically, Sebuyau’s inland area is swampy while the flat land can be found in the coastal area and the stretch of Batang Sadong River. Due to its geographical terrain, the population relies mostly on agriculture and fishing industry which contributes to the economic activity in Sebuyau.

Local community and the surrounding area prefer to call Sebuyau as “Buyo” or “Sebuyo”, however, there is no written record of the proper pronunciation of the name. Additionally, according to the elders, the district got its name from a species of mud crab known locally as “Buyo” that was abundant along the coastal line and rivers in Sebuyau at one point of a time. The mud crab became the livelihood of local people thus the unknown outskirt became known as “Buyo” which in turn changed to “Sebuyau” or “Sebuyo” once influenced by local dialects.

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